March 30, 2012

Round Up Friday's!

Hey there Lovely Readers this will be a short post I just want to show you what I have picked up during the week :D I hope you don't mind :) lets start this haul (Picture Heavy!)

Colors: Left to Right
Ruby Jewels-A red jelly with red glitter
 Foxy Lady-A metallic copper tone 
Hottest Pink-A hot pink with bluish shimmer
 Silver Dazzle-A black/blue glitter finish
More Milani :)
Left To Right 
Breezy- A metallic/Shimmery Electric Blue
Racy Green- A shimmer emerald color
Good Morning Sunshine-a light gold with shimmer, metallic finish
Mr. Sandman-Light brown shimmer with a frost finish
Digital-A pink holo :)
Tip Toe Pink- A light pink Creme ( it's alot more pink then what shows here)
Pure Ice
Left To Right
Hot Tamale- An orange shimmer with gold reflects
Tease-A pink shimmer with blue/purple reflects
Wild Thing-A lime green Creme
Strapless-Blue glitter 
Heart Breaker-Aqua blue shimmer with green reflects
Random Brand/Colors Left to Right
Ama-Cosmetic: Micro Peach and blue glitter in Clear base
Piggy Polish-Nocturnal Nail-Glow in the Dark!
Wet n Wild-Break The Ice- A white shimmer with pinkish reflects
Rimmel-Hot Pink Creme
Love My Nails-Purple and blue tinsel glitter 

And Finally I have Found myself a Bottle of.....
need i say more? 

Thank you for reading Ladies


  1. nice haul. I've got a few of those milanis and one of the pure ices myself.

  2. thank you ! yeah i love the milani polishes i have yet to try to the pure ice's

  3. I don't actually own any Milanis although I do have access to them. I need to really start getting them because they always look so nice.

    Fab haul.

    1. I love milani they have nice shades and the formula is great to work with!..i luckly got those 10 bottles for just half of the retail price! Which was great :)

      Thank you :)

  4. I'm so jelous! I've been looking for Whimsical for FOREVERR. Lucky you for finding it! :)

    1. tell me about it i had to look for days to find this polish! and i have yet to use it lol


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