March 12, 2012

Effie Trinket Nails

Hi wonderful bloggers! I hope everyone had a terrific start to their week! :)

Now on to the nails, Last night I stayed up doing my nails since I can't bear seeing my nails naked! (is this just me?)lol. anyways Im sure by now everyone has seen the Hunger Games Trailer? yes? no? Well have you guys checked out Effie's Trinkets nails? they are extremely chic so that's what I went with for this Manicure :)

Plus I added Milani Fx Jewels in Gold For the Accent Nail

Effie Trinket's Nails

Sinful Colors: Dream On
Sponged on 
Sally Hansen X-treme: Golden-I
Accent Nail: Milani Fx Jewels In Gold

Goodnight Everybody!


  1. When I first saw the trailer, her fingers immediately caught my eye :D You did a great job recreating it! Love the Milani Jewels ;)

    1. lol isn't it funny how us nail lovers notice things such as the nails of a person in a movie!
      btw thank you :)

  2. I haven't seen the trailer yet & had no idea about the nails! Nicely done.

    1. oh u must certainly watch it! it will make you want to see the movie! lol

      thank you very much

  3. I love this!!! Effie is fantastic! XD

    1. Thank you so much Ashley ! :D


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