June 27, 2012

Oh, Another Drip Mani?

Um,YES! lol I know the whole drip fad came and went but you know it's still around! Yesterday I showed you a mani with a drip accent nail and I loved it so, hell why not just make the drips on all my nails! I love, love the way this looks,sorta looks like drips of strawberry ice-cream because,yup I went pink :D
What I Used:
Sinful Colors-Snow Me White (3 coats)
random color changing polish (hot pink to light pink)
Black Acrylic
Doting Tool (for the drips)
Stripping Brush (for the lines)

June 26, 2012

No Nudes Here.

I'm just not a nude shade type of girl, I love looking down at my hands and seeing those bright colors pop! like WHAM! That being said check out today's manicure :D which includes gradients,drips and black glitter :D
Colors Used:
China Glaze-Sugar High (Up & Away Collection)-3 coats (Great Formula)
Sinful Colors-Summer Peach (Neon Orange)-3 coats on Ring finger (Ehh A little streaky)
Sinful Colors-Black-For the drips
Nubar-Black Polka dots-2coats
In The Shade
In The Shade

So what do you ladies think? :)

June 24, 2012

90's Kid

Only if the Cartoons of today were as good as the ones that I saw as a Kid in the 90's such as Hey Arnold, Cat-Dog,Pinky & The Brain, Johnny Bravo and all of those other awesome cartoons Today for you I have A Cartoon character from the 90's show Aaahh!!! Real Monsters her name is Oblina! okay so for this manicure I used as a Base Color China Glaze-Ruby Pumps 3 flawless coats for this baby, I am in Love with this color! red glitter in a red jelly base oh yeah ,right up my alley. Before painting Oblina I did the saran wrap technique in white & black, I kinda regret it because I feel like there is to much going on but i'll let you be the judge :)

-Diana :)

June 21, 2012


Hey Lovelies just a quick manicure to show you today :) I used NYX-Ink Heart, a true royal blue jelly that is super pretty.For the manicure below I used 3 coats, the formula was a bit thin,so it did get a little messy around the cuticles but after clean-up it was all good :) I also applied one coat of Essie-Gold as it gets this combo looked a lot prettier in person,trust me!
Other Polishes and things used 
Revlon-Gold Coin (ring finger & thunderbolt)
Revlon-silver dollar(pinky,& thumb)
Gold micro beads (ring finger)
Gold and Silver rhinestones
I hate this hand pose but its the only way to show ya my thumb lol

-Have a wonderful night ladies :)

June 17, 2012

Summer Neon's

Stripes,triangles,neon colors,and something funky what does that make? Today's manicure :D I was in the mood for something abstract looking with some neon colors and this is what I came up with,check it out
Colors Used
Revlon-Gold Coin (for the outlines)
Sinful Colors-Snow me White.
Sinful Colors-Black
Sinful Colors-Pink; The formula for this pink neon polish was on point I used 3 coats,no complains! 
Sinful Colors-Neon Melon; I don't think the name is very fitting for this Highlighter Yellow,however the formula was also a dream to work with I used 3 coats but I can still see my nail line. 
Before I go, To all the mommies out there
that are the mom's and dad's of their children
Happy Father's Day To You :)


June 15, 2012

"Lodi-Dotty" We like to party

Dodi is pretty close to Dotty LOL! That title comes from a song called Lodi-Dodi By Slick Rick it just came to mind because of what my manicure consist of today, Dots! lately I have not been painting my nails because I have noticed that they are beginning to stain a bit and no sir,but I refuse to have yellow stained nails so I have just been letting them breathe and giving them a light buff here and there. But Bare nails are boring so I gave in and polished my nails. Base color I used is Pure Ice-Wild Thing a lime green creme that did not have the best of formulas, it kept overflowing my cuticles >:[ I used 3 coats in order for it to be opaque In the pictures it looks a bit lighter but in person it is a lot more bright. Next I pulled out one of my handy dandy dotting tools and dotted away & on my ring finger I did the saran wrap technique. Oh yeah  since I missed my I-phone Monday's post I will be sharing some pictures with you a little further down :D
Did you guys notice the bling bling on my finger!? I'm not one to brag but I have one amazing boyfriend! 
not only is he the sweetest thing in this world but he also spoils me rotten :P

I hope you enjoyed the manicure. Now on to some pics :), On Wednesday my boyfriend,myself and two of my friends drove out to Jersey to go to Carlo's Bake Shop that is located in Hoboken, For those who watch Cake Boss on TLC know what I am talking about. Anyways we waited about an hour on a block long line to enter this little bakery but it was worth it, I came out with some goodies such as Lobster Tail Pastries,a Red velvet cupcake a connoli & a mini strawberry cheesecake. Yup all that for little me lol, if you guys ever get a chance to go get the lobster tails they are freaking amazing!!
More after the Jump :)

June 10, 2012

NYX-Deep Space

I always rave about how much I love NYX Polishes and this one is no exception. Deep Space Is a Black/Purple Jelly with a load of fine flakies ranging from purple,blue,orange,mauve and even hints of gold flakie goodness. for the swatches below I used 3 coats it is not completely opaque because I can still see my nail line just a bit, maybe a fourth coat would cover that up
Final Verdict: I Love Love this polish and for just 99 cents it's pretty awesome!

June 9, 2012

Bloo-Cheese Anyone?

By Bloo-Cheese I am not speaking about the Blue Cheese used to dip your celery sticks in lol (which by the way I hate!), I am talking about The characters from the Cartoon network show Foster Home For Imaginary Friends. The characters in this show are so cute! but for this manicure I only Picked two, Bloo And Cheese. This is a mix match Mani I like these types of manis they are a lot of fun. The two polishes of choice were China Glaze-Lemon Fizz from the Up and Away Collection,This color is a very mellow yellow creme that is a little bit streaky I used 3 coats for complete coverage. The other Shade I used is Sinful Colors-Grecian Sun a very pretty Dodger blue Crelly that went on super smoothly and gave me full coverage in 2 coats. So here it is :)
Like Always Thank You for Looking! :)

June 8, 2012


Happy Friday Ladies! unfortunately I am home sick with a cold :( this really sucks because when I catch a cold it gets serious. Sniffles,sore throat and grandpa coughing sounds LOL. Hopefully I get better soon because seriously who catches a cold in 85 degree weather. Anyways I know I have not posted but it's mainly for that reason. So today what I have to show you is my muted mint green franken that has a crap load of different glitter which I have no name for yet,any suggestions? this one contains Large green hex,small red,pink,blue,silver,green hex plus some bar glitter I really like the way this turned out! also I added two accent nails that are supposed to be my attempt at the watercolor technique but instead they remind me of Mitochondria lol, weird.
Close-up of this bad boy
Okay back I go to my new favorite show Prison Break. If I had Known how good this show was I would have kept up with every episode and season Thank goodness for Netflix! lol

June 4, 2012

I-Phone Monday's

There is really nothing much to hate about Monday's, at the moment i'm on vacation and unemployed lol so weekdays are like weekends. Being that Monday is just that day that starts off the week enjoy these random pictures that I have taken with my baby, Mr.I-Phone :)
Batch of  Chocolate chip Cookie Dough
My Red Ear Slider Turtle-Crush
My Strawberry Fields Franken With accent nails.
Effortless shot from my window
I Hate Yellow Cabs! lol
Passion Fruit Shake & Hawaiian Burger Yum!

-Thank you for looking Dolls!

June 1, 2012

Rainbow Fish Scales

Hello Dolls! Today will be a short and sweet post. A Favorite Children's book of mine has always been The Rainbow Fish. I did happen to see if people have done nail art based on this book and in fact they have. But I figured I would give it a go as well. Base Color I used is China Glaze-Electric Beat from the Electropop Collection a very pretty dusty baby blue creme color, I used 3 coats for full coverage. The formula was ehh alright I guess it was a little thick,but nothing nail polish thinner can't fix :)

Have a great night everyone!