March 31, 2012

Nail Art Saturday's :)

Hey Bloggers! It's Nail Art Saturday's Today I recreated or tried to recreate this Wallpaper print I saw on the Web. As A base Color I used Wet n' Wild Mega Last -Break The Ice this color is so nice I usually don't like wearing pearly colors like this but after I was done with the 3 coats i loved it It has this little pink shimmer to it, really cute and when i was done with the whole thing i added a coat of blue/orange glitter.... enough of that here is the Mani. :D

Close-Up Of my Thumb

And Here Is My Inspiration

Thank You For Looking :D

March 30, 2012

Round Up Friday's!

Hey there Lovely Readers this will be a short post I just want to show you what I have picked up during the week :D I hope you don't mind :) lets start this haul (Picture Heavy!)

Colors: Left to Right
Ruby Jewels-A red jelly with red glitter
 Foxy Lady-A metallic copper tone 
Hottest Pink-A hot pink with bluish shimmer
 Silver Dazzle-A black/blue glitter finish
More Milani :)
Left To Right 
Breezy- A metallic/Shimmery Electric Blue
Racy Green- A shimmer emerald color
Good Morning Sunshine-a light gold with shimmer, metallic finish
Mr. Sandman-Light brown shimmer with a frost finish
Digital-A pink holo :)
Tip Toe Pink- A light pink Creme ( it's alot more pink then what shows here)
Pure Ice
Left To Right
Hot Tamale- An orange shimmer with gold reflects
Tease-A pink shimmer with blue/purple reflects
Wild Thing-A lime green Creme
Strapless-Blue glitter 
Heart Breaker-Aqua blue shimmer with green reflects
Random Brand/Colors Left to Right
Ama-Cosmetic: Micro Peach and blue glitter in Clear base
Piggy Polish-Nocturnal Nail-Glow in the Dark!
Wet n Wild-Break The Ice- A white shimmer with pinkish reflects
Rimmel-Hot Pink Creme
Love My Nails-Purple and blue tinsel glitter 

And Finally I have Found myself a Bottle of.....
need i say more? 

Thank you for reading Ladies

March 28, 2012

My First Blog Award!

Guess What guys! I just received my first Blog Award! Thank you so much to the Girls Over At Thecateyeshaveit for awarding me with the Liebster Award. The Blog these lovely ladies have is so fun to read I love it!

The Rules:
  1. Put the link To who gave you the award.
  2. Put the award on your post.
  3. Choose 5 blogs under 200 followers and give them the award.
  4. Let Them Know you awarded them
My Nominated Bloggers Are:

Again Thank you Megan And Christy From Thecateyeshaveit for nominating me to receive this Award! It puts a smile on my face that you guys follow and like my blog :)

Japanese Cherry Blossoms

Hi fellow nail bloggers! How is everyone feeling today? Hopefully good :) Today im in a super good mood plus I have some nice nails to show you. You know the rule of anything red right? How Not every shade suits everybody?..well guess what I found my perfect shade of Red! It is this creme deep red Milani Nail Polish Called Ready To Wear Red the application was smooth and with just two coats it was completely opaque.But ofcourse I dont think I ever wear nail polish on its own so while thinking about what to do I saw my bottle of Japanese cherry blossom body mist from bath and body works and had sudden inspiration!...CherryBlossom on My nails...Here it is



March 27, 2012

Failed Distressed Nails.

Hello everyone! I know it's a bit late but I haven't been posting so I figured I could do it now..So last night I tried doing a distressed nail look, an idea i got off another blog.I honestly feel it ended up looking like a mess...Ill show you Either way lol.

I used about 4 layers of different color polishes
and added Milani Gems to top it off. The Distressed look is created by dipping a Small Paint brush in acetone and going over the nail until you achieve the desired look...Just Don't get to acetone happy. :)
Thank you for Reading

March 24, 2012

Nail Art Saturday's

Hello everyone I hope you all are having a great weekend. Well I found myself inspired last night after my boyfriend being a great supporter of my blog said I never dedicate a post to him lol so here it is.Being that he is Egyptian I decided to go with Hieroglyphics on my nails :D and the Eye of Ra on My Thumb
- I used Soo Nail Color S10  as a background
 With a Coat Of Sinful Colors Smoking Hot
A cheesy shot of my nails with my boyfriends Hieroglyphics arm tattoo lol

A Nice Shot of a Pyramid Statue my boyfriend
 brought me back from Egypt

-Thank you For Reading

March 23, 2012

Round Up Friday :)

Happy Friday lovely followers.
   Well my title says it all, I have a few polishes to show you that I picked up at the beginning of the week.all of these polishes I bought from a local Beauty Supply Store. Let me know which ones you would really like to see swatches of :)

Here We Have Soo Nails Laquer
Colors Are Actually Numbers Except for The First One to Left.
Names (Left To Right)
-New Port,S10,S11,S197,S12
NK Nail Enamel
Colors Left to right
Sheer Red,Infinity,Magical,Pink Glass
Sinful colors
Colors Left To Right:
Smoking hot,Pearl Harbor
Color Club
Colors:Left to Right
Back Stage Pass,It's A Hit
Ruby Kisses
Cotton Candy
No Name :(

Well that's all for this week ladies
which one is your favorite?

March 22, 2012


Hello bloggers! Wow the weather in NYC today is beautiful! Its gonna hit 76-80 degrees...summer in spring anyone? Lol anyways yesterday I entered a local beauty supply shop here in queens around my house, and came across these polishes called Soo Nails they retail for 1.99 does anyone own some? So anyways I picked up a few colors I did not own and immediately fell in love with this emerald,jade color it's gorgeous! named New Port.The formula of this polish was a dream to work with, and with just two coats,complete coverage! It dries matte but contains some I added a top coat and voila..perfection!

Enjoy your Day Ladies

March 21, 2012

Purple Me Happy.

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack of post, Midterms Have all my time lately :(
but anyways here I have another Diamond Cosmetics Polish to show you,This one is called Drift Away a nice prune purple.This one took about 3 coats for complete coverage it was a little streaky at first.But overall its a really nice color :) As a design I streaked the sides of my nails with a fan brush and acrylic paint,. It was my first time trying it and loved the outcome :). Oh yeah an for the accent nail I Used Color Club:Backstage Pass a polish that consist of silver,hot pink,light purple and a grayish chunky hex Glitter.

Enjoy your night <3

March 19, 2012


1st Giveaway
Hey Everybody Head Over to ChalkBoardNail's Blog and enter this amazing Giveaway 3 indie polishes!!!
good luck to everyone who enters and I want to say thank you for this great giveaway.

2nd Giveaway
Today i came across an incredible giveaway fingerpaints flakies and Franken Polishes By Elementalstyles! how cool is that! Congrats to Whitney on her 500 followers!
3rd Giveaway
Ladies Absolutely Cee is having a giveaway and i must say it is a pretty cool giveaway Here is her link absolutely-cee here is what she will be giving away...congrats on the followers you have accomplished! I happen to be one :D
4th Giveaway
Can you believe that this awesome nail blogger is giving away the whole China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection! check her out and good luck to all that enter!! Here is here link thetracefacephiles

Sunset In Sedona

Happy Monday  Everyone!
 On to the nails :), For today my Manicure consist of this awesome Dark Orange almost Amber Color Polish from Diamond Cosmetics and its called Sunset In Sedona. I LOVE this color.It goes on very smoothly and with just two coats it gives full coverage. I rarely wear polish on its own, so I tried the saran wrap technique   an idea that I got from ChromoCraze's Blog. And here is how i turned out,
The only difference is she tapes up the sides of her nails so it wont get messy. I just simply used acrylic paints since they are easy to wash off if they get on the sides of my fingers . Take a look :)


-Thank you For Reading
-Diana :)

March 17, 2012

Gold Leaf Foil

Lovely readers!, how is everyone?..Thankfully today I woke up in a better mood :D, I know today is suppoused  to be Nail Art Saturday...but I wasn't in the mood to do any of that,seeing that my nails are so short lol. But I did however make myself a Gold Flake Polish Last Night FINALLY!
It was so messy to make but worth it!
here is what you will Need

-Gold Leaf Foil (can be found at any craft store)
-A bottle of Thick Top Coat (such a Seche Vite)
-An Empty Polish Bottle
-Most important Patience

1. cut the foil into little pieces grab the empty bottle and with the tweezers start inserting the foil..fill it up half way.
2.Take your bottle of Seche Vita and fill The bottle that has the foil.
3.Shake that baby up.
4.And Use

I know it sounds simple,but working with that foil was a nightmare! After it was in little pieces the slightest bit of wind made them fly all over!  >:O Anyways take a look :)

Sally Hansen
Blush Rush

-Enjoy Your Day!

March 16, 2012

Round up Friday's!

Hey lovely bloggers, I hope everyone had a great Friday :) I haven't posted lately because I have been a little upset I completely had to trim my nails today, one broke on the left hand (sigh). So I just decided to start the growing process all over again..blah :( anyways now to the polish here is what I picked up during the week :)

Wet n Wild Megalast For only 99 cents! they were on sale inWalgreens 
Colors: Left to Right
Undercover,I need a Refresh-Mint,Candy-licious,Wet Cement,On A Trip

From K-Mart I picked Up these two Jordana Polishes for 
Colors:Left to Right
Silver Jewel & RhineStones

Sally Hansen X-treme Wear
I Love these two metallic Colors!
Colors: Left to Right
Pink Satin & Golden-I

On Sale for $2.34 
(Only ones that caught my eye)
Colors:Left to Right
Rags To Riches & Hard Metal

Lastly I Picked up these two Prevail Polishes only sold in Duane Reade I Believe
for $6! per bottle -_- to a college student like myself that is expensive lol
But they looked pretty unique so I purchased them
Colors:Left To Right
Bronx Bombers & Diamond District

Which Should I Swatch 1st? 

Thank you For Reading 

March 12, 2012

Effie Trinket Nails

Hi wonderful bloggers! I hope everyone had a terrific start to their week! :)

Now on to the nails, Last night I stayed up doing my nails since I can't bear seeing my nails naked! (is this just me?)lol. anyways Im sure by now everyone has seen the Hunger Games Trailer? yes? no? Well have you guys checked out Effie's Trinkets nails? they are extremely chic so that's what I went with for this Manicure :)

Plus I added Milani Fx Jewels in Gold For the Accent Nail

Effie Trinket's Nails

Sinful Colors: Dream On
Sponged on 
Sally Hansen X-treme: Golden-I
Accent Nail: Milani Fx Jewels In Gold

Goodnight Everybody!

March 11, 2012

Nail Art Saturday's

Hey lovely bloggers, I was meaning to post this earlier but I couldn't get around to it till now Every Saturday I am going to show you Manicures that i have re-created or that I come up with myself. For this weekend I re-created A manicure Done By Robin Moses an awesome,talented nail artist here's her YouTube Chanel if you want to check her out Robin Moses.
   So anyways what she did was an Antique looking Newspaper Manicure with vintage flowers it looked so pretty and unique, That I just had to try it! Minus the Newspaper print ( I didn't Have any)... Tell me what you ladies think?

 What I Used

Have A lovely Night Ladies