December 18, 2012

Naild'it Unique Nail Polish- Violet B Wild

Hey Dollies! Omg One more week till Christmas! are we all excited? that is of course if the world doesn't end on Friday! Let's hope it doesn't! Well anyways today I have for you a beautiful polish by Naild'it Unique Nail Polish, Andrea creates such beautiful mixtures of glitter and this one is right up my alley because it's matte Glitter in my favorite colors! I introduce to you Violet B Wild.

Violet B Wild- Is a mixture of Large and small white matte hexes, purple,red and blue matte glitter  in a clear base that vary in sizes it is absolutely stunning! and as soon as I saw it i knew i wanted to put it over a lilac base ! The formula for Violet B Wild was extremely smooth and all the glitters laid completely flat which is an A+ in my book
One coat Of Violet B Wild Over 
2 coats of Sally Hansen-Lacey Lilac

You can currently Find Violet B Wild at the following Places
Naild'it Unique Etsy Shop (which is Currently Closed)

*This was sent to me for my honest Review 

December 11, 2012

Hanukkah Manicure

Hello Again Ladies like promised Today I am here to show you my Hanukkah Manicure! so this will be quick and short and pretty much straight to the point :) To All of You who are celebrating Happy Hanukkah!

December 9, 2012

First Holiday Manicure!

It's time for my first Holiday Manicure! this one includes a cute little penguin wearing a Santa hat. I'm very pleased with how this manicure came out, this was actually created on request for an article that features holiday manicures! how cool right?? once I get the link for the article i'll make sure to share it with you ladies!
I also created a Mani for Hanukkah which I will show you dolls later in the week :)

 P.s thank you girls for being so supportive in the venture I am in the process of starting I can't wait to start mixing and creating pretty polishes! So be ready for them in the new year! :)


December 5, 2012

Life Update & Polish

Hello Ladies!! It feels like I have been away from blogging forever! I've truly missed it but I have been uber busy with some side nail projects for the holiday season. Oh and of course with life such as school and work ..nothing new,but yeah my term is close to over and at my job I have now 3 consecutive days off which will give me a great amount of time to work on things like my blog. Which is great news because I have a ton of ideas for holiday manicures and stuff. Besides that I have also been working on researching suppliers in order to start my own Indie Line!...I know,I know A LOT of people already do it and You probably don't want to see another girl throwing glitter into a bottle and selling it online. But In all honesty I feel like I could give you guys something different and fresh but yeah anyways that's later down the road. :) So yeah that's it for my quick life update so on to the polish!
        Today I have some Hare Polish for you! from Nikole's new Fall 2012 collection called Finders Keepers.I had Been eyeing Golden Years for a long time after she released her swatch pictures until finally I convinced my hubby to sign on to my Etsy and buy it for me :D (Thank You Hunny)
Golden Years Is a  Navy Jelly Base PACKED with golden hexes,squares,flecks iridescent blue glitter and god knows what else..point is that it's freaking beautiful!

3 coats of Golden Years with Top Coat No Underwear.
Well See you Ladies Tomorrow with another post!! :)