July 31, 2012

Summer Challenge-Final Day!

Girls We Have Reached the end of the Summer Challenge!! Awesome Job to all you talented ladies who cranked out beautiful designs this month! & a huge thanks to Kaki And Theodora for creating this challenge, It was so fun! Well, Being That today is the last day the theme was to re-create our favorite Manicure, I had such a hard time with this, Because many of you had awesome designs that I would love to re-create, But I finally picked one & the one I went For Is Chiro's Favorite Summer Song Manicure! and if you guys don't know who Chiro from Nail Of this Week  is, check her out, Plus click on the link to see her manicure that I just re-created ! In her original design she mentioned that in the photo that she got inspiration from the guy with the box on his head was wearing gold pants something she missed when doing her nail design, so i decided to incorporate that into this manicure :)
Polish Used:
Sinful Colors-Snow Me White( 2 coats)
Revlon-Gold Coin(2 coats-Ring Finger)
Coastal Scents-88 eye shadow Palette (for the soft touches of color over the white)
Acrylic Paints- Pastel Green, Black,Brown
In the sunlight, my hands look ridiculously red here..not accurate

In the shade

Mine Did not look as good as Chiro's, but i tried! lol
again thank you girls for the wonderful experience of my first time joining a challenge :)

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Summer Challenge Day 15-Ocean/Sea

I'm a day late :( Sorry Girls, So this will be quick, Yesterday was Day 15 of the Kaki & Theodora Summer Challenge. Yesterday's theme was Ocean/Sea. I guess I wanted to do something you would find underneath the surface and what better than beautiful red Coral with little fishies and seaweed. ( the fish are the silver things lol hardly noticeable)
Polishes Used
China Glaze-Kinetic Candy (3 coats)
China Glaze-Flying High (for gradient)
Catrice Million Styles-Have An Ice Day 
Acrylic Paints.

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July 28, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 14-Swimsuit

Yesterday Was the third to last day of the summer challenge! :( The theme was Swimsuits. Well recently I bought this super cute bathing suit online (which i'm still waiting for) i'ts blue with pink leopard print and black fringe, the print is what I based my nails on :)
Polishes Used:
China Glaze-Aquadelic (2 coats)
China Glaze-Fuchsia Fanatic (spots)
Wet n Wild-Black Creme

Hmm Sorta Typical Leopard print I guess lol, I'm sure the other girls have cooler manis :)

July 26, 2012

Cling Wrap & Half Moons.

I Finally got around to creating a Half Moon Manicure!!! I think that for my first time It didn't turn out so bad. However having to wait until my base color dries so then I can put the circular reinforcements in order to create the half moon can be a little annoying, because if It's not completely dry it literally rips off the base color, so beware! The Color I used for the bottom half of the nail Is China Glaze-Flip Flop Fantasy, I waited a bit and applied one thin coat of Sally Hansen Honey Whip on top of flip flop fantasy and used the cling wrap technique and painted some triangles with some acrylic paints.
 BTW: That shade below is not an accurate color of Flip Flop Fantasy In real Life it's a beautiful bright neon pink not A coral like it shows below

Polish Used
-Main Color-Butter London-The Full Monty(3 coats)
-China Glaze-Flip flop fantasy ( 2 coats)
-Sally Hansen-Honey whip 
-Acrylic paints( Black & white)
See how much difference lighting makes, my hands don't look as terrible as the post below lol, 
however guess what!! today I sold my Canon Xsi! now i'm in search for a real nice camera that takes great macro shots do you ladies have any suggestions?

July 25, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 13 (Whales/Dolphins)

Hey Lovelies! Wow i'm actually posting a challenge on time lol! So yes continuing with the summer challenge, today is Day 12 13 (July 25) and the theme is favorite water animal. Well I went for 3 A Killer Whale, A Sea Horse And a Little Starfish. I must admit that my sea horse looks a little weird, Sorry ! :( I was in a bit of a rush. But anyways here it is :)

Note To Self- Must Make LightBox, sometimes my hands ridiculously dark and that just makes my cuticles look like S*&# lol

Polish Used:
Sinful Colors-Cinderella
Jordana Glitter
Rest Acrylic Paints

Damn That Broken ring finger Nail Messes up the pic LOL

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July 23, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 11(Seashells)

Hey Girls On  July 21st was Day 11 Of the Summer Challenge, so this is a sorta quick post to show my manicure for the theme which that day was Seashells. I don't know why but this theme gave me such a hard time I just didn't know what to do!!! As a last resort I opted out for something simple which reminds me A lot of the Little Mermaid Maybe it's because of the Color Scheme. On another Note I'm Sorry for the crappy sorta dark pictures I didn't have great lighting coming in through my window today (it was a rainy day) Also you might notice that the nail on my ring finger is slightly shorter and yes its because it broke ugh(today is not my day ) anyways here is my Seashell Manicure mixed in with starfish and little waves on the tips.
Before I forget, I made a Pinterest! and I would love if you head to my page and join me :) just click on the button on my side bar if you would like to follow my page :]

Polishes Used:
-Sally Hansen-The Real Teal (2 coats)
-Sally Hansen-Lime Llights (1 coat over the 1st polish)
-Sinful Colors-Pearl Harbor( 1 coats Iridescent glitter)
-The rest is acrylic Paints.
P.s I think I am Going to skip on the favorite Beach Memory Theme Because In all honesty I have None lol Hope you guys don't Mind :) However The rest of the girls do have some awesome Manis For you To See 

July 21, 2012

Nail Polish Meme's

Good Morning Dolls, Apparently I am having some trouble sleeping It is currently 3 AM here In NY, So what am I doing you ask, well....looking at blogs and just surfing the web and I came across these amusing Meme's, so why not share them! :) Enjoy :)

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July 20, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 10(Tropical Drink)

Tropical Drink Time!! :).Well let's see if there is anything I love more than nail polish is a nice fruity tropical ice cold drink, Like a Sex on the Beach Or a nice Pina Colada! But who can go wrong with a lime margarita or am I wrong? Lol just to clear things up I am under the drinking age requirement (which here in NY is 21) but a little drink once in a while doesn't hurt anybody plus I will be 21 in what another year and a Half LOL :P
anyways here is my Lime margarita Gradient with Salted edges :D
Photo Credit
Polish Used:
China Glaze-Gaga For Green (3 coats)
Sally Hansen-Green With Envy( for the gradient)


Summer Challenge-Day 9(Favorite Summer Memory)

I Have been slacking on posting for the summer Challenge again! :( I'm sorry Girls, however I have been seeing and commenting all of the awesome things you ladies have been posting!. Anyways as you can tell I have made some minor changes to my blog such as a whole new color scheme and a new background and I also Enlarged most of my pictures. Now I need your opinion should I have kept them small or is the larger images a better option? Okay Well Nail  time the Theme for Day 9 of the Kaki And Theodora Summer Challenge was Favorite Summer Memory.

My Favorite Summer Memory: My Prom
June 8,2011 was the day of my High school Senior Prom and let me tell you it was one of the most stressful things I have ever planned. To begin I had started shopping for my prom dress a month and a half before prom so I was on a bit of a deadline. I went to about 10 stores but could not find anything to my liking, until one day I entered this little boutique and fell in love with a Bedazzled Tutu, I tried it on and bought it. However later that day I began to have second thoughts so I went back to the store and returned it and tried about 20 dresses more. Unsatisfied I began to search online for something I really like and Stumbled into this beautiful Tony Bowls Coral Gown That was simple but had beautiful Swarovski Crystals Just below the bust line and I made it mine. Regardless of the before prom stress,Prom Night Turned out to be one of the most special and memorable nights of that summer.

This Manicure Is Based On My Prom Dress
Polish Used-Sally Hansen Casting Call (3 coats)
My Prom Photo With My Boyfriend :)
I hope you like this Bedazzled Manicure :)
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July 16, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 8(Beach)

Hey Dolls, Day 8 of the summer challenge! and the theme is beach. I don't know about you But when I go to the beach it is nothing beautiful lol in reality the beaches here in NYC tend to be dirt, full of people and of course full of seagulls hoping someone will feed them, Lucky for them when I go to the beach I am the one that throws them a piece of whatever I am eating so that is what I based My Manicure on
I started with 2 coats Of Sinful Colors-Cinderella ( gosh that polish is a beauty) and then I created a Gradient with two other blues and then drew one single Seagull standing in the sand :)
Maybe next time I Will do the bird on just one entire nail lol
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July 14, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 7(Ice Cream)

"I scream you scream, we all scream for Ice Cream!!!" anyone remember that? lol well,well Day 7 of the Summer challenge and yup the theme is Ice Cream, now who the hell doesn't love ice cream its freaking delicious ! I'm a simple girl so my favorite is just plain ol strawberry with the yummy chunky strawberry fruit pieces in it. Anyways With my pointy nails I thought they would make perfect cones lol here is what I came up with for today's yesterday's theme
Thumb-Cookies and Cream Drips
Index-Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cone
Middle-Strawberry Ice Cream Cone
Ring-Vanilla with sprinkles Drips
Pinky-Chocolate Ice Cream With Chocolate Sprinkles Drip

I hope you Like it :)
Click On the Picture To Enlarge :)

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July 12, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 6(Summer Color)

Hi Beauties! It's Favorite Summer Color Time! The color I went for is China Glaze-Custom Kicks, a Beautiful teal with gold shimmer! even though the shimmer is very subtle I still Love this color!
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(the list is getting extremely long so I put a break on every post just so it wouldn't take up my whole page) 

July 10, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 4 & 5(Palm Trees,Fruit)

Hey lovely girls! how are you all doing today?I will be playing catch-up big time!!! first off I'm sorry for going MIA I was on a camping trip during the weekend and of course I could not do my manis for the Summer Challenge (Created By Kaki And Theodora). But I did them today! So I figured that rather then to do two post It would be better to kill two birds with one stone and post Day 4 And Day 5 together.Here you have it palm trees and as my fruit theme a funky banana mani.
P.s, sorry if my cuticles looks like poo :( do any of you know a good cuticle moisturizer that will KEEP them moisturized lol?? okay now on to the manis
Day 4-Palm Trees
I literally used a whole bunch of acrylic paints for this as a base color I used Sally Hansen HD-Lite

but honestly it's not even visible 

Day 5-Fruit
Polishes used 
China glaze-Lemon Fizz (ring finger and index)
China glaze-Happy Go Lucky(pinky,middle,thumb)
the rest acrylic paint.
what do you guys think?
well im outta here see you guys tomorrow with my favorite summer color!
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(the list is getting extremely long so I put a break on every post just so it wouldn't take up my whole page) 

July 6, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 3(Summer Song)

Beautiful day here in NY at the moment I am preparing to go camping today! i'm pretty excited since I really love camping its a nice getaway from the loud noises in the city. Anyways today is day 3 of the summer challenge the theme is Favorite summer song. Honestly I had to go with one that is so annoying but so damn catchy! it's called Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. The catchy chorus goes something like this "Hey I just met you, and this is crazy but here's my number,so call me Maybe"
                            Here is the Video Just In case you want to get this song stuck in your head!

anyways here is my interpretation of this song :)

Sorry for the pictures they could have been a lot better I was in a little bit of a rush, so I fell a little short but these ladies sure didn't ! Their stuff is incredible check them out

July 3, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 2(Picnic)

Hey Girls I'm Back Today With Day 2 of the Summer Challenge, I'll be honest I wasn't all that thrilled about the picnic theme, only because I feel like there is only so much I can do for a picnic, and I kinda feel like I didn't give it my all :-/ but anyways here it is. Little ants marching on a dirt trail to a little picnic.

Polish Used:
Revlon Just Tinted-Mystical ( a matte red-pink jelly)
& Americana Acrylic Paints

I think the only thing I liked of this mani was my thumb Lol!
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July 1, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 1(Bees)

Hi lovelies! Today is Day 1 of the Kaki from Glitterobsession and Theodora from Red Hair Black Nail Polish Summer Challenge today's theme is Bees! 
Polished Used:

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure-Barracuda
The rest was all done in Acrylic Paints

In the sunlight
Look At what is to come

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