March 21, 2012

Purple Me Happy.

Hi Everyone! I apologize for the lack of post, Midterms Have all my time lately :(
but anyways here I have another Diamond Cosmetics Polish to show you,This one is called Drift Away a nice prune purple.This one took about 3 coats for complete coverage it was a little streaky at first.But overall its a really nice color :) As a design I streaked the sides of my nails with a fan brush and acrylic paint,. It was my first time trying it and loved the outcome :). Oh yeah an for the accent nail I Used Color Club:Backstage Pass a polish that consist of silver,hot pink,light purple and a grayish chunky hex Glitter.

Enjoy your night <3


  1. I love the outcome too! It's so awesome. It looks professionally done!

  2. Thank you! i really appreciate it :D

  3. Purple is one of my favorite colors.I love the streaks.They appear to have a tie-dye effect.Love it!

    1. mine too! that's exactly what i thought when I finished the mani lol


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