April 30, 2012

Ikat Nails For Iphone Monday's

Hey there bloggers Happy Monday to all! Hope your day starts off on the right foot 😄...Well in the spirit of such a dreaded day, I figured I would just do something a little more casual...nothing fancy no editing or watermarking and taking a whole bunch of pics with my DSLR until I get the picture(s) that are good enough lol.Today will be Iphone Monday, plus I think I will continue to do this weekly...I feel like it would Be fun and add some versatility to my blog on how I present my manis....well enough of my blabbering here are the NOTD Ikat print, I have been wanting to try this forever since I have been seeing it on Tumblr and blogs, I though I give it a try.

P.s Ladies if you haven't already entered my giveaway then do so! it ends tonight!, I will be adding some extra goodies to the giveaway as well :) just click on the giveaway picture on the sidebar and fill out the rafflecopter :D.
Sorta Mini Tutorial lol

That's Gold Leaf Foil On My Thumb

-I love these Iphone picture effects lol they are so cool to mess around with :D

Thanks for looking Ladies!

April 28, 2012

"Far Side Of The Moon"

Hi Ladies! I know my postings have been a little sporadic lately but it's only because my first year of college is coming to an end which includes focusing on term papers and finals...Blah! so you guys know school has to be a priority. However as soon as I am done with school this blog will be constantly updated. I hope you ladies are looking forward to that as much as I am! :D...So on to my little nubbins..as you all know I love doing nail art,& that mainly comes from my enjoyment of looking at art either on the web or in museums, and at times my nail art is replication of actual paintings done by artist such as The" Birds of A Feather" piece I replicated not to long ago.Well today I have Another art work by her on my Nails (I hope she doesn't mind I am just loving her work!!!) :) This one is called "Far Side Of The Moon" I love love love this piece and here is how they came out on my nails.
What I Used
Sinful Colors-Snow Me White (2 coats)
Acrylic paints- Black,Red,White, Gray
Method:Sponging (for the Background)

Click On Images To Enlarge :)
Here Is The original artwork by MADART 
"Far Side Of The Moon"

Have an amazing night everybody!

April 25, 2012

Halloween Colors in Spring?

Hello, my wonderful readers!!! let me start this off by first telling you guys that Walgreens Is having a sale on All Sinful Colors nail polishes and they are just 99 cents!...so since I couldn't pass off on this offer I picked up a few bottles. One of them happened to be from their neon collection I have never tried neon colors but since it was on sale why the hell not. I ended up picking up A neon orange called Summer Peach And a few others So here is the manicure and ill speak about the polishes in a bit more detail after this picture :] now you will see why my choices in colors ended up looking halloweeny, yes?
See told you! lol
 but what do you guys think about the alternation of colors on each hand?
Sinful Colors-Summer Peach
   This Color is Sooooo much brighter in person something like a orange highlighter so this picture is not accurate at all! of course like all neon colors this one has matte finish in this swatch I used a white base and about two coats of Summer Peach.In my manicure I used white base as well and seriously about 4 coats...the formula was a nightmare to work with I kept having bald spots and streaks of all sorts but finally after the 4th coat It was opaque. But still application was a pain in the A$$ lol
Sinful Colors-Secret Admirer 
  Love Love This color as you can see it's a black/grey metallic color with micro silver shimmer. The formula was a bit runny so it flooded my cuticles a little bit. However this only needed 2 coats for complete coverage 
Nubar-Black Polka Dots
  Here we have black hex glitter with some black micro glitter in a clear base.Now let me tell you to get the big pieces of black glitter I had to fish for them! it was so annoying! but still black glitter is awesome so ill do the fishing for the big pieces lol
Sally Hansen-White Veil
    This Sally Hansen limited edition glitter is soooo pretty 
it contains micro round iridescent white glitter and gold hex glitter in a clear base...it applies so well so, plus there is no problem getting the big glitter out.

Well that's it for today ladies did you like any of these polishes?

April 23, 2012

Neptune, Love that Name!

   Hello there! :)....this gloomy weather in NYC has me feeling blue, so I figured I needed a shade to help match my mood...(what a weirdo I am) lol so anyways let me get to my point. What I am wearing on my nails today is Neptune By Sinful Colors Layered with Sinful Colors Smoking hot. Neptune is this super pretty royal blue jelly that reminds me of jeans,plus is has silver shimmer which just helps this color POP! the application was surprisingly awesome Sinful Colors formulas at times usually start out thin then get all tacky throughout the application process (well in my experience) but not this baby, it went on smooth and glided like butter, I barely needed clean up and it was opaque in 3 coats. It looked very pretty on its own but I then decided to add a coat of Smokin hot which is this micro-glittery top coat that almost gives a Holo effect ALMOST lol. ( well in the sunlight that is) but anyways Here is how this mani turned out.

P.s Please Excuse the shrinkage near my cuticles, Damn Seche Vite! lol

Close-up Of the color alone and layered.

Take Care Ladies ! :]

April 20, 2012

"Birds of a Feather"

Hi ladies! I have missed blogging! whoa I have been M.I.A since Sunday! I'm Sorry :(. I'm back now,so that's what matters right? :). So on to the nails, today I have some nail art to show you, lately I have been searching the web for cute stuff for my room,apt etc...and I came across the cutest most artistic throw pillow I have ever seen. I was so obsessed with the print that I just had to replicate it....and here are the results.

What I Used:
3 coats of China Glaze-Sunshine Pop
the rest was all acrylic paints
the method I used for the gradient was Brush strokes and sponging

Click Photo's To Enlarge :)
My Nail Close-up

And Here Is That Awesome Throw Pillow whose art is by MADART 

So what do you guys think?

-Thank you for reading ! :D

April 15, 2012

Pink Sunday

It's Sunday! I hate Sundays :-\,anyways I will keep this short :). This Weekend I filed my nails Round, I have NEVER EVER had round nails, i'm more of the square girl but I guess it was time for a little change lol. My nails are short so the roundness will be a little more obvious throughout the growing process. So yeah for today's manicure I did a pink gradient. I did start with the sponging technique but sometimes with sponging for some reason pieces of the sponge start to stick on my nails.So instead I used my fan brush and created the gradient effect.

What I Used
Sinful Colors-Snow me White
China Glaze-Dance Baby
China Glaze-Traffic Jam
China Glaze-Techno


Enjoy Your Day :D

April 13, 2012

Round-Up Friday's

Happy Friday Everybody! I Hope you all are having a wonderful day,It's beautiful in NYC but I have to stay in to do homework since my Spring break is coming to an end :(...But yes on to my Haul...It's Huge! I'm so excited but before I show you I really want to say something. I honestly don't do these Hauls to show off I really enjoy sharing my excitement with you guys and I really hope you don't mind :D Okay well lets start off Because this is super picture heavy!

First Up Is Butter London
Click pictures to enlarge

Now For Some Deborah Lippmann
Next Is Nubar Polka Dots Collection
Click On The Read More To See The Rest! :)

April 12, 2012

Re-fresh mint & Glitter tips

Hi Lovely Ladies, so lately I have been buying so much nail polish that I feel the need to change the color of my nails Daily! that's insane because I usually last at least 4 days with the same polish lol! On that note, Remember how I mentioned last Friday That I bought a few China Glaze Collections? I finally received my order earlier this week! The first one I tried is Re-Fresh mint From the Up & Away Collection....Now Lets Talk Formula,It was a little thick (does anyone who owns this polish have that problem?) Anyways, besides that I loved the color which is a light mint blue/green creme. In the pictures below I only needed two coats for complete opacity. As for the glitter Tips I used a mix of Jordana silver glitter,Milani Jewels Fx-Gold & Spoiled-Jewelry Heist

Have A Great Day Ladies And Don't forget to enter my Giveaway :)

April 11, 2012

Butter London-Victoriana

Ladies, I Got My Very First Butter London(s) and wow this stuff does apply like Buttah! Now I see why pricey polish is pricey LOL. What I have here to show you today is Victoriana, I absolutely love this shade It is gorgeous! It is a Blue-Dusty Teal With Silver Shimmer Check it out

Here I am Only Wearing 2 coats of this baby

  Do you see all that shimmery goodness?
Good Day To all :)

April 10, 2012

My 60 Follower Giveaway!

I Have reached 60 followers! Yay! you guys are truly amazing thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment My blog I appreciate every single one of you! In return i want to host a small giveaway that I hope you ladies like :D...Again thank you so much for forming part of my little piece in the inter-web!!

A few things:
1.This is Open to U.S and International Followers :)
2.This Giveaway will end on May 1
3.You Must Be a Follower To win
4.All of these polishes were purchased by me :)
5.One lucky winner will be contacted after the giveaway is closed ,If you don't respond in 48 hrs I will pick another winner

Now here are the Prizes:
All of these bottles are spanking new
From Left To Right
-Milani-Mr Sandman
-Milani-Ruby Jewels
-Wet n Wild- Born into privilege
-Milani-Diamond Dazzle
Milani-Silver Dazzle

Good Luck To All <3
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April 8, 2012

Trying Camouflage

Happy Easter To all who celebrate it! :)
  For today instead of a Easter, pastel Manicure I went with something a little different that I have been wanting to try for a while now and that is Camouflage print. While on the web I came Across a Brand Called Comme-des-garcon.Their Logo is this heart shape with eyes.There I came across one of their t-shirts and loved it..Ill post a picture of it at the end...So yeah on to the manicure as background color I used Diamond Cosmetics-Cafe Au Lait A beautiful beige shimmer color that reminds me of coffee with cream (lol) The application was perfect I only needed two coats for complete coverage.For the print and the hearts I hand painted it using acrylic paints then topped it off with some Seche Vite.. I really love the way these came out :D

P.s ( do you guys mind the retro look on my pictures?)

With Matte Coat

With Top-Coat

And Here Is The Inspiration

What Do you guys Think, Did I Nail It?

Oh Yeah And Here Is A bonus pic of My little princess 
looking at me while I was taking pictures of my nails lol!

-Enjoy Your Day Ladies

April 7, 2012

Round Up Friday's And Some Blabbing

It's A little past Friday Lol but I'm up and I just wanna post! I updated my blog a little bit today I added a "My Stash" tab and Changed My blog's look. :) So yeah today i have a very small Haul for you because lately I have not been shopping for polish in store but on the Internet instead, So i'm currently waiting for that! Im so excited! I found This Website Called victoriasnailsupply in where China Glaze Is only 2.75!! So I got a little polish happy and bought 3 whole entire Past Collections Up&Away,Metro & Electropop Plus I Also Ordered The China Glaze Prismatic Collection For Only $18.00 On Amazon Isn't that amazing! and a bottle of Ruby Red Pumps *Phew* Huge Buy,  The colors looked gorgeous so I couldn't resist..No More Buy's Until The Next China Glaze Collections come out! :(
(enough of my blabbing sorry lol) Okay so on to my little Haul, My mother spoils me with polish at times so this week she brought me home these Babies.
 These Sally Hansen Usually Retail For $8 I believe but she got them on sale for $1.45...WINNING lol
Sally Hansen Complete Salon
Left To Right
-Barracuda-Creme Tiffany Blue
-Eel Skin; A creme light grey
-Model Behavior- A Teal Creme
-Casting Call-A creme Coral pink
-Summer Plum-Creme Burgundy/purple

I was Going to show finger Swatches of these but honestly my nails aren't looking up to part today
but I do want to say that the application for these was really smooth! and with two coats complete opacity, Besides Casting Call That needed at least 3. 

-Thank You for Reading! :D

April 5, 2012

Flower's For my Mother.

I am Officially on Spring Break mode! YAY! Lol, It's not that I don't like school, But knowing I have a break feels good! plus I will have more free time to blog something that I really enjoy! so on to the nails today I decorated my mother's nails she's been bugging me to do them for a while now, so with some extra time on my hands this is what I came up with :) (btw: i love doing flower nail art in case you haven't noticed lol plus it's spring so it's a great excuse to do so) :D
As Background I Used
Milani-Hottest Pink
This hot pink has blue reflects It looks better in the bottle lol
and for the flowers- Acrylic Paint
It is a much Softer shade in the bottle.
Oh Yeah Plus I did her Toes, but since I refuse to ever show pics of Feet on my blog (makes face) ill show you a close up of the design. In all honesty I like the way the same design came out on her toesies. I dont know why, maybe it's Because of the background color, since i wasn't too crazy about that Milani Polish Above. So here it is In Blue :)

Goodnight Ladies!

April 4, 2012

Franken In The Sunset

Guys im here, im here! I apologize for my lack of post :( if it was up to me I would be blogging my little butt off everyday! specially with my spring break coming up you ladies will be seeing a lot more of me :D on another note I haven't even had time to paint my nails lately (my life has been so flippin hectic) :(, so they were bare until today, can you believe that? however i guess they needed a little breather lol so I let them rest long enough Saturday till today. So after such a long break (yes to me 4 days is a long time) It's polish time! Today i just want to show you a Franken I mixed up a little while back It consist of an off White jelly base with different color glitters..Nothing to special I guess but I think it's cute and whimsical so here it is :)

And Here is the Close-up

P.s On a good note this week I got an e-mail From Sarah from seesarahswatch telling me I won 2nd place in her giveaway! isn't that awesome! Thank You Bunches Sarah.

-Thank you For reading
(I will now go back to dreadfully writing an essay for my English class)


April 2, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award !

Hey Ladies Happy Monday!!
  So on to the post...During the weekend I received the versatile Blogger award From Stephanie From pinkbystephanie if you haven't checked out her blog yet please do, she posts the cutest mani's! So stephanie thank you bunches!!! :D
The Rules:
  1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
  2. Let them know you have nominated them.
  3. Share 7 Random facts about you.
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  5. Add the versatile image to your post.
Okay Now On To 7 Facts About Me :D
  1. I Have two doggies...Peluche & Sarah
  2. I love red velvet cake, cupcakes anything lol.
  3. I am Addicted to vanilla coke!
  4. I am Colombian
  5. I am 19 and only 4'9 LOL
  6. I am just as obsessed with make-up as I am with nail polish 
  7. My favorite perfume is Escada Rockin Rio...Smells Deliciously fruity :)
Bloggers I have Nominated:

I promise ill fill this in a little later :D

Have a lovely Day!