March 10, 2012

Round Up Fridays

Happy Friday Everybody! so this is called round up Fridays, Where I will be posting up pictures of products I have rounded up during the beginning of the week till to begin this off I stopped by K-mart early during the week and finally got my hands on some of the Jordana Glitters (only the ones they had available) I don't know if they were on sale but I got them for just $1.99! (They retail for 2.99) saving a few bucks is always a plus in my book :)

Soon after I stopped by a Store called Jack's 99 where they sell cosmetics/ Lacquer for pretty much half of the price so I picked up these 4 Revlon nail Polishes for just $1.99 and I picked up a a bottle Sally Hansen HD and a Borghese polish. Check it out :)

                                      Revlon:Metallic,Black Star,Cloud, Glitz&Glam
             Borghese: I Peeled of the name sorry :(
   Sally Hansen HD: Lite

From Left To Right
Sequins, Copper Blaze, Cosmic,Gemstones,Magenta Magic,Blue Bash

ALL of these Babies for a total of
$ 24 bucks! I'm a happy shopper

Which of them would you like to see swatches of?


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