April 15, 2013

Guilty Pleasures Nail Lacquer

It's time to reveal the Logo for my upcoming indie polish line! this was all possible thanks to an amazingly creative woman by the name of Candice Who Is also a nail blogger herself!! her vision for design and color are out of this world and the best part about this experience is that she really dedicated herself to the project any question or problems I had were answered and resolved. I'm sure she has projects a plenty but she made me feel that she was soley dedicated to mine. For that I thank her a ton....She really deserves to be shown some love plus she has an awesome blog!

Now here is is! what do you ladies think? personally I am IN LOVE with it...but that's me being Bias LOL.

April 11, 2013

I'm Alive And Kicking!

Ladies!!!!!! how are all you wonderful women from the blogging world doing!? Don't know if you guys still remember me but i'm back! that was seriously one of the biggest breaks I have taken from my blog! and i'm not going to lie but I missed this and all of you like crazy! this was seriously one the biggest stress relievers I had in my life but with so many things going on I just didn't have all the time I wish I had, imagine I even let my fellow ABC challenge ladies hanging :( sorry dolls. Things have been pretty hectic around here recently I had family from Colombia that is staying with me for a while, school does not get any easier and as I had mentioned on my Facebook page I got a new baby bird that literally made me feel like I had a child. It was insane! On top of that I have been working with a very talented graphic designer for my Indie Brand Logo!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and I have also been mixing polish and making a mess out of my house with glitter and all that stuff, the joy right!? Lol I must tell you ladies that mixing polish is really not that simple...it took a crap load of tries until things came out right and how I wanted them to. God Willing I will Unveil my small collection at the end of April fingers crossed this time!!!!!! I was supposed to do it earlier but I had minor Setbacks...melting glitter...curling glitter...bleeding glitter ahh the stress lol but I have finally found a glitter distributor that offers top notch stuff that I have been testing all this time and so far so good. I truly want to offer you my best, not just some crappy stuff to make a quick buck. I know how much I love nail polish and how much I love indies and I simply want to offer you a good quality product and good experience.
So without further ado The name of my Brand will be called Guilty Pleasures and at this moment I am looking for bloggers that would like to review my products...If you are interest please send me and E-mail to GuiltyPleasuresLacquer@Gmail.com along with your blog site

P.s I would love if you ladies Liked my Facebook page to stay up with updates and release dates!