October 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge:Day 24-Inspired by a book.

I guess it took a hurricane to give me time to blog again, Lol on the heavier side of this I hope anyone who is being affected by Hurricane Sandy is safe and sound and please stay off the streets! trees are falling like there is no tomorrow! okay well getting back to my nails here is my inspired by a book manicure. Today as I was cleaning out my closet, one of the picture books I loved the most as a kid fell on my lap & then I had the bright idea of using it for my inspiration. The Book is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It had a very cute simple cover that I could easily translate into nail art plus I then added some nail stickers of apples and a little butterfly plus I Painted an apple on my thumb :)

Polish Used:
Brucci-Snow White (3 coats)
-The rest is acrylic paints.

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P.s- You Girls Are awesome and thank you for always
 commenting on my post even when I am super late with them!

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October 28, 2012

31 Day Challenge:Day 23-Inspired by a movie

Keeping this short and sweet! 31 Day Challenge- Day 23 Nails Inspired by a movie! what did I go for?...My all time favorite Pixar movie, Monster Inc! excuse the polish bubbles my top coat was sh** lol But thankfully I finally got myself a new bottle of Seche Vite.

Polishes Used:
Sally Hansen-Green With Envy 
Sally Hansen-Pacific Blue

31 Day Challenge-Day 22:Inspired by a song

Hey there girls! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend by dressing and going to parties or whatever it is you guys are doing this weekend!. As always I'm late but always here and you know what that means....it's Time for catching up on the 31 day challenge once again! I'll skip on Day 21 since it's just color, instead ill go into Day 22 and the next post being day 23.

For Day 22 The theme was Inspired by a song. I swear I have the hardest times with mani's like these because there are so many options! but I finally picked and went with Fireflies By Owl City. How freaking catchy and cute is that song! To interpret the song I painted my nails black drew the world across my nails with what is supposed to be fireflies lighting it up,on my thumb I drew tired eyes trying to stay awake and the pinky is pretty self explanatory.

The Ladies 

October 19, 2012

31 Day Challenge:Day 20-Water Marbel

Hey Doll Faces! welcome to my as always late 31 day challenge manicure, in honor of the month of October I decided to do a water marble with halloweeny colors. Purple, lime green, dark green and black. This color combo reminds me of Frankenstein no?. I must admit that throughout my whole time doing nails this is only the second time I water Marble. Yes if you know how to do it, it looks great but if you don't its a mess and then some. Some girls are extremely talented when it comes to water marbles  but I am not one of them lol. After my "hard work" I added 2 coats of top coat and what happens? the polish started to peel off like a sticker so please excuse me for the following pictures of this manicure :/

Polishes used 
Wet N Wild Mega Last-On a trip (purple)
Wet N Wild- Black Creme
Sally Hansen-Green with envy (lime green) 
Sally Hansen-Going Green
China Glaze-Fairy Dust (1 coat)


31 Day Challenge-Day 19: Galaxy

Well this one was fun! how cute does my alien look! lol just a short post catching up on my missed manicures for the 31 day challenge.

Polish Used 
Wet N Wild-Black Creme (2 coats)
China Glaze-Techno (1 coat)
Everything else is acrylic paints.


    October 12, 2012

    31 Day Challenge:Day 18-Half Moons

    Hey Girls! today I bring you Day 18 of the 31 Day Challenge, which is Half moons. Now I really love how half moons look but creating them on myself is freaking annoying and I hate using the little hole stickers because if the polish isn't dry enough it just rips off the polish once you peel the sticker off so no good. Today I created these free hand with just the brush of my polish they  didn't turn out terribly bad,on the left hand that is..... but the right hand was a mess! lol. anyways here it is.

    Polishes Used:
    -Mattese Elite:White (2 coats)
    -Wet N Wild:Red Red
    -Wet N Wild:Black Creme

    & The Ladies :)

    October 11, 2012

    31 Day Challenge-Day 17:Glitter

    I'm still here! not to fear I am not going anywhere. Honestly lately I have just been trying to balance my life out I recently got a job! (yay!) so with that and school taking up most of my time I get a bit behind on my blog post. However within the upcoming weeks I will try to have time for everything of course even commenting all of your pretty manicures!, I just need to get into the hang of having more things to do now. but one step at a time right? :) I hope you guys understand and don't leave me :(....so yeah let me just get straight to it and show you guys my super duper late entry for the 31 Day Challenge Mani for Day 17 which was Glitttttahhhh (glitter) .
    I used a few polishes but the star of this mani is
    HARE Polish-Magic Mist (2 coats over 1 coat of Essence- Oh my glitter!)

    Will be posting the half moons shortly :)
    Here are the girls who actually post things on time! LOL

    October 5, 2012

    31 Day Challenge-Day 16:Tribal Print

    I love love love tribal print! it's just so damn pretty but so damn time consuming, today I had a long tiring day so as soon as I got home I did my tribal print manicure with the little energy i had left. I can't say I love it..because I don't but I guess it's decent, Maybe a better choice of colors next time but for now this will do :P
    Polishes Used
    Butter London- Fash Pack
    China Glaze-Kalahari Kiss 

    Thank You For looking! 
    and here the rest of the dolls :)