August 21, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Untried Nail Art Technique

Mish Mash Challenge Week 4! How are we all doing? Today I am In such a rush so i'll make this short and sweet. Something I have yet to try was the Controlled Paint Splatters where you basically paint the splatters yourself as well as a white tip nail....I NEVER do white tips because there is never a white that doesn't look lumpy because of how many coats I have to you so It can all  even out. In all reality it's not my most favorite mani But it will's not that terrible. For the design I used just acrylic paints....Here is what is supposed to look like splatters to me they look like flowers LOL

PS. I will speak about my nail art contest tomorrow for sure guys !

Toodles off to see all of your designs Girlies! 

August 16, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge:Metallic

Hey Dollies! Late post I know Don't hate me for it :( lol, I totally skipped on the tape mani because in all reality i don't have the patience to deal with tape of any kind when it comes to nail polish. It never works out for me! for some reason we just don't get along plus I don't even own striping tape I will definitely be investing in some soon since it is dirt cheap. Even though I did not participate in week two I did make sure to keep up with all of your awesome manis!! Love them all! 

So for my Metallic Mani I went Simple! sometimes less is more, no? For a metallic polish I picked up on of my favorite Gun metal colored babies which Is 
Petite Color Fever- 598 Mystery
This polish is only .25 oz which is half  the size of your average polish and they retail for like 3.99 if im not wrong but this little guy is packed of silver flecks that just pops.

PS. I really want to thank everyone for the warm welcoming I received when I started blogging again you guys are seriously the absolute best!!!! Love you all! 
P.S.S I will soon be hosting A Nail Art Contest And two lucky winner will receive my the full collection of my unreleased Indie Brand Polishes! more information on that in the following Mish Mash Post :)