November 12, 2012

31 Day Challenge:Day 28-Inspired By a Flag

Never on time but better late than never I always say, do you guys agree? lol I just finished watching The Walking Dead, man was this episode dead compared to last week's anywayssss in effort to catch up with the challenge I skipped the Art Work Theme and went straight to inspired by a Flag. I went with the flag of my country, Colombia! I literally used no nail polish for this manicure what you see on my nails is acrylic paint. Which I would not recommend you use as nail polish I just did it to try it lol.

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  • XOXO
  • -Diana

    1. Anonymous4:33 AM

      Diana! Love the blurred effect but I have to say that I miss your beautiful stiletto nails already! Ignore the haters because your nails are super fabulous! I think the shape makes your nails very special and I wish I could have nails like that. So I hope that you will grow them back someday. x Lariesa

      1. Thank you girlie ! I know I miss them so much too I used to have nightmaters of my nails breaking and they came true! Lol I'm not even kidding! :( but good thing is that nails grow so give it a few months and ill be back to my stiletto ways and yeah I ignore people everyone is entitled to their opinion but those woman were just beyond mean but that's fine because I loved my nails just the way they used to be :/

      2. Nightmares * lol oops sometimes my iphone auto correct isn't so correct!

    2. I like how you blended it chica! Too cute! I knew I'd see some great flags being done for this day! Awesome job! Is it weird doing your nails now since they are short? It took me a while to adjust to using less polish/paint. LOL

      1. Thanks doll it was just a quick tacky mani lol!
        And yeah Omg! Painting my short nails was hard! I kept flooding my cuticles! Lol I was like what in the world is wrong!"did I forget how to paint my nails" lol

    3. i love that technique you used! so cool!!

      1. I haven't used the fan brush technique in a while it was time ! :) & thank you :)

    4. I love that effect so much!

    5. We are nubbin sisters!! I just had to cut mine too, but we will get back to our long beautiful nails again soon. These turned out awesome, I love the texture!!!

      1. yay! to the nubbin sisterhood :) we can go through the growing process together no worries! :)

    6. Welcome to Nubbinsland, Diana!

      I really like the scratch/blurry technique you used. It reminds me of abstract art, ala Rothko.


      1. Aw thank you for the warm welcome to the short nail club :D

        and yeah i think that's my only favorite part of this manicure !
        that's the fan brush technique :)

    7. love the technique, they look really nice and blended :)


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