September 18, 2012

What To Call This....

Good Morning!! Last night I Stood up pretty late Watching netflix & Listening to Papa Don't Preach By Madonna  (I freaking Love that song!) anyways I'm not sure how to describe this mani I'm about to show you It just sorta came to be out of nowhere, It was one of those sporadic Ideas that just popped up in my head, so here it is

Polish Used
-China Glaze-Kalahari Kiss (3 coats)
-Barry M-Copper
-The rest is acrylic Paints.

So What Do You Think?


  1. WOW! your nails always make an impact! So awesome)))

  2. this is so awesome! and i love that whole album!

  3. I don't know what you would call it but it's definitely amazing!!!

  4. Hehehe I love Madonna. People can say what they want, but that is a strong woman, right there!

    These look kind of tribal to me but not overly tribal. I dunno, but they're freakin' awesome!!!!!!

  5. Call this flippin AWESOME! I want your nails so bad and this mani! LOVE!

  6. Wonderful post dear.
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  7. Girl that is absolutely amaze balls.

  8. It looks very tribal, pretty

  9. Wow its soo cool.. like Aztec look or something..

    Anyway, I'm already your follower, could you also follow me back? My GFC widget got broken and I lost almost all of my followers.. :( maybe you can help me..

  10. Wow! This is so eye-catching, I LOVE it!! You are so talented :)


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