September 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge -Day 14:Flowers

Late Post Again....Sigh :(...Why In the hell was it so hard for me to do some flower nails, I must have done about 3 manicures and they were all a fail lol!!!! >:O I think it's because all of my art brushes are old and they are starting to suck! I seriously can't do any detailing anymore!! I guess it's time for new ones! Anyway here is my crappy flower manicure...some boring roses,glitter and gold foil.

Polishes Used:
China Glaze-Peachy Keen (3 coats)
China Glaze-I Herd That (4 coats)
Hopefully I'll Have something better next time!!!
P.s Tomorrow I will Be announcing the two winners of my giveaway! :)
Now go check out the other girls I'm sure they did A lot prettier flower manis!


  1. shut up this is gorgeous! i love the flowers and the gold!

  2. They're not boring at all! I love them and "I Herd That" is amazing <3

  3. Girl! It's beautiful!!! And at least you did yours! I didn't do my flower mani! I was lacking motivation for it, I've posted 2 manis but no flowers! So i'll probably end up posting 2 tonight or just combining the 2 days! LOL

  4. LOVE the pinky - I need to get some of that stuff!!

  5. Oooooooooooh. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh. So much pretty all at once!


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