September 13, 2012

31 Day Challenge-Day 9: Rainbow

Hey Pretty Ladies! was my post missed 3 days ago? a tiny little bit? lol sorry but I tottaly gave up on that, the night before the metallic nail challenge I stood up until almost 3 am finishing up the design to then top coat it and have the effin base color bleed unto the nail design, I was so upset that I gave up. However I have Rainbow Nails For you today!! I must admit rainbow anything is not my thing but I love how these came out! Even my mom loved them that she asked me to replicate the mani on her, so as of now we have matching nails lol.
So yeah I First Painted my nails with a white polish and sponged on all the colors of the Rainbow
Here is The List.

Polishes Used-
The Red is: Bettina-Bonfire
The Orange is: China Glaze-Peachy Keen
The Yellow is: China Glaze-Happy Go Lucky
The Green is: Pure Ice-Wild Thing
The Blue is: Sally Hansen-Blue me away!
& lastly the Purple is: Bettina-Purple
The Girlies!
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  1. I was worried we lost you! BUT YOU'RE BACK!! These are fabulous - love!! The black lines are my fave!

    1. LOL aww I feel special ! <3 i'm here just been having hectic days :(

  2. These look FIERCE! Love this mani!!

  3. Fantastic darling!!! I love how your sponging has a water color look to it!

    1. Thanks Doll! I know It came out looking pretty watercolor like lol

  4. wow this is so pretty! :)

  5. your nails are gorgeous and so unique!

    1. Thank You So Much Vicky :]

  6. Oh, this really looks awesome! And I love your accent nail!! :D

  7. I love how you did this!


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