July 31, 2012

Summer Challenge-Final Day!

Girls We Have Reached the end of the Summer Challenge!! Awesome Job to all you talented ladies who cranked out beautiful designs this month! & a huge thanks to Kaki And Theodora for creating this challenge, It was so fun! Well, Being That today is the last day the theme was to re-create our favorite Manicure, I had such a hard time with this, Because many of you had awesome designs that I would love to re-create, But I finally picked one & the one I went For Is Chiro's Favorite Summer Song Manicure! and if you guys don't know who Chiro from Nail Of this Week  is, check her out, Plus click on the link to see her manicure that I just re-created ! In her original design she mentioned that in the photo that she got inspiration from the guy with the box on his head was wearing gold pants something she missed when doing her nail design, so i decided to incorporate that into this manicure :)
Polish Used:
Sinful Colors-Snow Me White( 2 coats)
Revlon-Gold Coin(2 coats-Ring Finger)
Coastal Scents-88 eye shadow Palette (for the soft touches of color over the white)
Acrylic Paints- Pastel Green, Black,Brown
In the sunlight, my hands look ridiculously red here..not accurate

In the shade

Mine Did not look as good as Chiro's, but i tried! lol
again thank you girls for the wonderful experience of my first time joining a challenge :)

Check out the last of the girls :)


  1. OMG!!
    Thank you doing this and...I'm so happy you "corrected" my mistake on this!! :D It looks so nice on you, I'm strongly feeling "Damn it why I really didn't do as this!?" *lol*
    Stunning job, Diana!!

    1. It was my pleasure ! I really loved this design from the first day you posted it I was like omg this is so pretty! I must re-create! Lol but I think you were right about the gold clashing with the brown, no? I like it much better how you did it! :)


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