July 31, 2012

Summer Challenge Day 15-Ocean/Sea

I'm a day late :( Sorry Girls, So this will be quick, Yesterday was Day 15 of the Kaki & Theodora Summer Challenge. Yesterday's theme was Ocean/Sea. I guess I wanted to do something you would find underneath the surface and what better than beautiful red Coral with little fishies and seaweed. ( the fish are the silver things lol hardly noticeable)
Polishes Used
China Glaze-Kinetic Candy (3 coats)
China Glaze-Flying High (for gradient)
Catrice Million Styles-Have An Ice Day 
Acrylic Paints.

here are the rest of the girls :)


  1. Wow, girl, this is so good and creative. I love it!

  2. Love it! It's so beautiful with the corals and all! Gorgeous :)

  3. Stunning!! ;D
    I tried to go for coral reef too but gave up in the end,
    so your mani really looks awesome for me <33

  4. This is so cool!! It looks like real coral :D I tried doing coral before and it looked like spaghetti or something haha but you did a great job!!!!


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