July 23, 2012

Summer Challenge-Day 11(Seashells)

Hey Girls On  July 21st was Day 11 Of the Summer Challenge, so this is a sorta quick post to show my manicure for the theme which that day was Seashells. I don't know why but this theme gave me such a hard time I just didn't know what to do!!! As a last resort I opted out for something simple which reminds me A lot of the Little Mermaid Maybe it's because of the Color Scheme. On another Note I'm Sorry for the crappy sorta dark pictures I didn't have great lighting coming in through my window today (it was a rainy day) Also you might notice that the nail on my ring finger is slightly shorter and yes its because it broke ugh(today is not my day ) anyways here is my Seashell Manicure mixed in with starfish and little waves on the tips.
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Polishes Used:
-Sally Hansen-The Real Teal (2 coats)
-Sally Hansen-Lime Llights (1 coat over the 1st polish)
-Sinful Colors-Pearl Harbor( 1 coats Iridescent glitter)
-The rest is acrylic Paints.
P.s I think I am Going to skip on the favorite Beach Memory Theme Because In all honesty I have None lol Hope you guys don't Mind :) However The rest of the girls do have some awesome Manis For you To See 


  1. So cute <3
    I l love the delicate watery texture you did on your tip!
    And sorry for your ring finger, hope it'll grow up pretty soon :(

    1. Thank you Chiro! I know I hope it grows quick I can't stand seeing my nails mix match lol

  2. Love it! really liked the sea shell.

    1. Thank you so much Paulina :)


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