April 7, 2012

Round Up Friday's And Some Blabbing

It's A little past Friday Lol but I'm up and I just wanna post! I updated my blog a little bit today I added a "My Stash" tab and Changed My blog's look. :) So yeah today i have a very small Haul for you because lately I have not been shopping for polish in store but on the Internet instead, So i'm currently waiting for that! Im so excited! I found This Website Called victoriasnailsupply in where China Glaze Is only 2.75!! So I got a little polish happy and bought 3 whole entire Past Collections Up&Away,Metro & Electropop Plus I Also Ordered The China Glaze Prismatic Collection For Only $18.00 On Amazon Isn't that amazing! and a bottle of Ruby Red Pumps *Phew* Huge Buy,  The colors looked gorgeous so I couldn't resist..No More Buy's Until The Next China Glaze Collections come out! :(
(enough of my blabbing sorry lol) Okay so on to my little Haul, My mother spoils me with polish at times so this week she brought me home these Babies.
 These Sally Hansen Usually Retail For $8 I believe but she got them on sale for $1.45...WINNING lol
Sally Hansen Complete Salon
Left To Right
-Barracuda-Creme Tiffany Blue
-Eel Skin; A creme light grey
-Model Behavior- A Teal Creme
-Casting Call-A creme Coral pink
-Summer Plum-Creme Burgundy/purple

I was Going to show finger Swatches of these but honestly my nails aren't looking up to part today
but I do want to say that the application for these was really smooth! and with two coats complete opacity, Besides Casting Call That needed at least 3. 

-Thank You for Reading! :D


  1. My mom spoils me with polish too! Great hauls!

    1. LOL! sweet mother's who support the polish obsession,Gotta love them :)
      -Thank you! :D

  2. SH Complete Salon for $1.45?! That is a deal!

    1. Imagine my surprise when i turned the bottle around and saw the price tag! lol :D

  3. I LOOOVE baracuda!! it's gorgeous, perfect for summer.

    1. I absolutely Love that shade too!!

  4. That's some great deals. China Glaze is my favourite brand so I tend to buy them by the collection too. =)

    Love the bargain finds by your Mom. That is really sweet of her.

    1. Yes I agree! these are my very first China Glaze's so i'm pretty excited about it :)

      lol and yeah she's the sweetest :D

  5. What an awesome price! Yay mom!


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