April 15, 2012

Pink Sunday

It's Sunday! I hate Sundays :-\,anyways I will keep this short :). This Weekend I filed my nails Round, I have NEVER EVER had round nails, i'm more of the square girl but I guess it was time for a little change lol. My nails are short so the roundness will be a little more obvious throughout the growing process. So yeah for today's manicure I did a pink gradient. I did start with the sponging technique but sometimes with sponging for some reason pieces of the sponge start to stick on my nails.So instead I used my fan brush and created the gradient effect.

What I Used
Sinful Colors-Snow me White
China Glaze-Dance Baby
China Glaze-Traffic Jam
China Glaze-Techno


Enjoy Your Day :D


  1. Your nails look really nice :] & I love the mani.

    1. thank you ! sadly it chipped in two days! :( lol

  2. Looks really good.

  3. I hate Sundays too. Going back to work is no fun. ><

    Your pink mani is so cute and girly! :-)

    ~ Yun

    1. Lol tell me about it! :(

      Thank you Yun :D


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