August 21, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge: Untried Nail Art Technique

Mish Mash Challenge Week 4! How are we all doing? Today I am In such a rush so i'll make this short and sweet. Something I have yet to try was the Controlled Paint Splatters where you basically paint the splatters yourself as well as a white tip nail....I NEVER do white tips because there is never a white that doesn't look lumpy because of how many coats I have to you so It can all  even out. In all reality it's not my most favorite mani But it will's not that terrible. For the design I used just acrylic paints....Here is what is supposed to look like splatters to me they look like flowers LOL

PS. I will speak about my nail art contest tomorrow for sure guys !

Toodles off to see all of your designs Girlies! 

August 16, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge:Metallic

Hey Dollies! Late post I know Don't hate me for it :( lol, I totally skipped on the tape mani because in all reality i don't have the patience to deal with tape of any kind when it comes to nail polish. It never works out for me! for some reason we just don't get along plus I don't even own striping tape I will definitely be investing in some soon since it is dirt cheap. Even though I did not participate in week two I did make sure to keep up with all of your awesome manis!! Love them all! 

So for my Metallic Mani I went Simple! sometimes less is more, no? For a metallic polish I picked up on of my favorite Gun metal colored babies which Is 
Petite Color Fever- 598 Mystery
This polish is only .25 oz which is half  the size of your average polish and they retail for like 3.99 if im not wrong but this little guy is packed of silver flecks that just pops.

PS. I really want to thank everyone for the warm welcoming I received when I started blogging again you guys are seriously the absolute best!!!! Love you all! 
P.S.S I will soon be hosting A Nail Art Contest And two lucky winner will receive my the full collection of my unreleased Indie Brand Polishes! more information on that in the following Mish Mash Post :)


July 31, 2013

Mish Mash Challenge:Purple

Ladies! wow I can't even believe how long I have been gone holy balls! I missed this so much though! I'll spare you the whole life comes first stories and what I have been up too because it's very lengthy lol, but lets just say I have finally regained some time on my hands and decided to join a challenge created by a lovely group of ladies that I was once in a challenge with previously before I stopped blogging all together. So in order to get back into the swing of things I felt this would be a great way to go about doing that I believe we will be posting once every week so that is not bad at all!, I warn you I have gotten rusty at the whole taking pictures of my nails but bare with me until I get better again yeah? :D
    For This week the Theme is Purple, I did a cherry blossom kinda themed design
What I Used:
Essence: Oh My Glitter! (3 coats)- A beautiful purple with pink shimmer that I failed to Capture 
Guilty Pleasures(Middle Finger) (3 coats): Purple Haze: a purple tinted base with teal,magenta and black glitter 

Here is the list of the rest of the talented ladies :)

April 15, 2013

Guilty Pleasures Nail Lacquer

It's time to reveal the Logo for my upcoming indie polish line! this was all possible thanks to an amazingly creative woman by the name of Candice Who Is also a nail blogger herself!! her vision for design and color are out of this world and the best part about this experience is that she really dedicated herself to the project any question or problems I had were answered and resolved. I'm sure she has projects a plenty but she made me feel that she was soley dedicated to mine. For that I thank her a ton....She really deserves to be shown some love plus she has an awesome blog!

Now here is is! what do you ladies think? personally I am IN LOVE with it...but that's me being Bias LOL.

April 11, 2013

I'm Alive And Kicking!

Ladies!!!!!! how are all you wonderful women from the blogging world doing!? Don't know if you guys still remember me but i'm back! that was seriously one of the biggest breaks I have taken from my blog! and i'm not going to lie but I missed this and all of you like crazy! this was seriously one the biggest stress relievers I had in my life but with so many things going on I just didn't have all the time I wish I had, imagine I even let my fellow ABC challenge ladies hanging :( sorry dolls. Things have been pretty hectic around here recently I had family from Colombia that is staying with me for a while, school does not get any easier and as I had mentioned on my Facebook page I got a new baby bird that literally made me feel like I had a child. It was insane! On top of that I have been working with a very talented graphic designer for my Indie Brand Logo!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah and I have also been mixing polish and making a mess out of my house with glitter and all that stuff, the joy right!? Lol I must tell you ladies that mixing polish is really not that took a crap load of tries until things came out right and how I wanted them to. God Willing I will Unveil my small collection at the end of April fingers crossed this time!!!!!! I was supposed to do it earlier but I had minor Setbacks...melting glitter...curling glitter...bleeding glitter ahh the stress lol but I have finally found a glitter distributor that offers top notch stuff that I have been testing all this time and so far so good. I truly want to offer you my best, not just some crappy stuff to make a quick buck. I know how much I love nail polish and how much I love indies and I simply want to offer you a good quality product and good experience.
So without further ado The name of my Brand will be called Guilty Pleasures and at this moment I am looking for bloggers that would like to review my products...If you are interest please send me and E-mail to along with your blog site

P.s I would love if you ladies Liked my Facebook page to stay up with updates and release dates!

February 5, 2013

Candy Lacquer:Heart Gold & Soul Silver

Hello Girlies! I've been a little M.I.A and honestly have not been able to paint my nails in a while plus I have suffer some minor breaks :( nothing serious just chips here and there. Besides that I am getting settled in the new apartment. I finally took out my polishes from the bags yesterday and stored them in this plastic Helmer thing for the meantime until I can get the racks back up on the wall. So the mani I am about to show you was done about half a week or go. Introducing Candy Lacquer Heart Gold & Soul Silver From The Valentines collection! Wow I can't even begin to express how much I love this polish! can I please just let the pictures speak for themselves? This was literally one coat (no dabbing) over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Red Carpet.


January 30, 2013

ABC Challenge: D Is For...

Hey Ya'll!! It's moving day here in my house hold and little me has hardly packed plus i'm nervous because I don't even know what this new place looks like and I've been told there is no closets lmao wtf? ugh :(
oh and I unfortunetly had to shove all my polishes into a suitcase and I am praying that none of them break because that would suck big time! holy cow and that suitcase is heavy! I'm hoping my wonderful boyfriend will be gentle when taking it up and down the stairs believe me I will be on polish patrol lol. As busy as I am I just HAD to find the time for my nails so i could post them on time for the ABC Challenge :), aren't I a dedicated blogger? Hehehe

So yes My dear ladies The Letter for today Is D And I went With Barry M-Denim a beauty i got in a swap (I have the best swap polish friend in the world! Kudos To My Polish Friend Chiro She is the best and always get me the prettiest polishes from Germany :)

Barry M-Denim: Is a Super Pigmented Navy Blue Shade with this wonderful silver shimmer that just looks oh so pretty oh and on top of that it dries semi look sorta denim-ish but i like everything shiny so I top coated lol I used two coats and the dry time is fairly quick!

To go with the whole denim theme I did some denim acid wash print and imprint check the pointer finger I think that's my favorite and to finish it off I added some gold leaf to my ring finger...just because i'm blingy like that :)

P.s The Pics are looking a little yellow but that's just because these were quick shots 

January 26, 2013

ABC Challenge-C Is For...

Hi Girls! I finally found the time to post my C challenge mani up! On Tuesday, My Boyfriend and I went up to the Poconos to a couples resort and we had the most amazing time! Not even kidding I really wish I was back over there! besides that I will be shortly moving to a different apartment so I have to get my packing on Ugh I really hate packing and moving it's seriously the most annoying thing in the world! wish me luck lol!....So Yeah The Letter C I went with Diamond Cosmetics:Cafe Au Lait, Candeo Colors-Smores and Cheetah Print :) I'll keep this short just because it's a little late and i'm not in such a talkative mood :( It's just one of those nights I Guess.

January 21, 2013

BG Cosmetics: Strawberry Sunrise

Darlings! Hello! Late post tonight I had a long day at work and ever since I got home I turned on my TV and started watching episodes of Awkward this show is awesome! But On to the polish! I have another Beauty Of the BG Cosmetics Valentine Collection This one is called Strawberry Sunrise (that reminds me of a drink lol), A Fuchsia Pink polish that has a beautiful pearlish/shimmer finish to it, completely Gorgeous accompanying this beautiful color is small holo silver glitters with slightly larger pink glitter that just sparkle like crazy! Formula? Flawless like Buttah! no kidding. Drying time is average and there is hardly any gritty feeling after a few coats (I used 3 to be exact) which is good because all I needed was On coat of SV to smooth it all out.

Love it? Hate it? What are your thoughts?
I for one freaking love it and for $10 this bad boy can be yours at the
OR If you want to save a few bucks Buy the whole set of 3 for $26!


*This was sent to me for my honest Review

January 17, 2013

BG Cosmetics-Chocolate Treasure

Good Morning Lovelies! Today I Have A Polish of a New and Upcoming Indie Brand Called BG Cosmetics BG is Short for Bitch Glitz (love that name!) Over The Next 3 days I will Be showing you 1 of the 3 polishes of  this Valentine's Collection. Today I Have Chocolate Treasure. Chocolate Treasure is a Beautiful Brown Colored base with shimmer that is not a jelly but also not opaque because you can still see the glitter through the color but with two coats the color builds up super nicely. This Polish Has A mixture of golden glitters, teal and blue squares,hexes and even some bar glitter as well as some diamond shaped glitter!. In all honesty I was never a fan of brown polish it was never really my color of choice but this polish changed that because once I put it on I did not want to take it off! Plus the formula was so smooth and the glitters distributed so evenly that it was just a pleasure to work with 

So what do you guys think?
You can find BG Cosmetics In The BG Cosmetics Etsy Shop
You can also follow Ketlyn's Updates through her Facebook Page
$10 for a cylinder 15ml bottle

*This Item Was Sent To Me For My Honest Review